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We aim not to be seen, but to let our Savior be seen.
This Team Consists Of Camera Operators & Video Directors


Our video/camera team provides those watching "through the lens" the experience of being apart of worship. Members operate multiple camera positions and provide shots best suited for the worship service. This is also what is aired online for our streaming outreach so everyone watching online can worship with us locally or globally. Once a operator, more training can be provided for video directors. Occasional need for camera techs outside of worship services.

C: Camera Tech For Worship/Event

Ideally suited for those who are task oriented and structured and those with a passion for serving through media. Must be able to function under pressure as Sunday mornings are live. Will be communicated via COM headset and receive direction from video director. Staying entire service is a required.


V: Video Director For Worship/Event

Attention to detail and visual cues for camera angles are suggested. Previous experience and technical/video background are a plus, but not necessary. Training will be provided. Must be able to plan ahead in shot taking and respond well under pressure to achieve visual cues as envisioned by AVL/Tech staff and leadership. Staying entire service is a required.


Drop us a note to let us know and we'll be in contact!

Thank you for your interest! We will connect with you shortly!

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