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Our Projection Team Runs All Media in Pro Presenter

Our projection team controls any information presented on a screen. This includes video clips, worship lyrics, slides for a speaker, and live camera feeds. We use Pro Presenter and PowerPoint as software platforms. This position works in various locations around the church on Sunday mornings, evenings, and during the week.

Proj: Projectionist For Worship/Event

Must be able to function under pressure as Sunday mornings are live. Ideally person will be task oriented and structured with an attention to detail. Handle formatting all videos, slides and songs for a service or event.


Ensures all lyrics are correct on screen, videos operate fully, and all technical aspects are setup. Knows how to import speaker slides, control programming of media to screens, and keeps in communication with the rest of the team via headset. Staying entire service is required.


Drop us a note to let us know and we'll be in contact!

Thank you for your interest! We will connect with you shortly!

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