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We aim not to shine our own light, but to let the light of God be shone.
Our Lighting Techs Operate With Jands Vista Software

Our lighting team helps ensure that what happens on stage is seen and accented well. Volunteers help us design lighting looks for events such as Sunday worship, concerts, or special productions. This team also helps move lights when needed. This position works mainly in the worship center and the chapel on Sunday mornings, evenings and during the week.

L: Lighting Tech For Worship/Event

Follow basic template for Sunday mornings, with occasional programming needed for special services. Also will need to program for special/other events as called upon. Previous experience preferred but not necessary. Potential of needing to re-position lights, or hang new lights for productions. This may require use of scissor lift. OSHA certified training required, training provided by Colonial. Staying entire service is required.


Jands Vista software, S3 Console for lighting


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